Why Choose Perth North Caravan Repairs?


Our head mechanic George Minaides is a qualified steel fabricator (boilermaker) with over 40 years’ experience in metal fabrication.  For over 11 years he owned and operated Follow Me Campers where he was not only the man behind all their camper designs, he was ‘hands on’ in the workshop, manufacturing campers including fitting out 12v wiring, plumbing and interiors.

George has worked for other providers and manufacturers since closing that business and has experience with work including suspension, servicing, cladding and timber work.

Prior to Follow Me Campers, George worked in building maintenance this gave him lots of experience in finding and repairing those pesky water leaks and other general maintenance which are surprisingly very similar to caravan work.

Teresa Minaides is our parts, accessories, insurance and warranty expert.  After being part of the Follow Me Campers business, she has worked in the caravan industry for the past 3 years sourcing all types of parts and facilitating customers warranty and insurance work.

  • Perth’s caravan and trailer repair experts
  • 10+ Years building and maintaining these types of vehicles
  • Western Australian Family Owned and Operated

Why Choose Perth North Caravan Repairs?


Perth North Caravan Repairs is your ONE-STOP shop for all general repairs,  insurance claim repairs, modifications, warranty work and servicing of your caravan, camper trailer, work trailer or boat trailer.

In conjunction with our experienced admin and parts department we can also source anything your van needs or get in that accessory that you are chasing.

Our qualified and experienced workshop technicians can carry out all regular servicing and maintenance along with any repairs that your caravan or trailer might need.

Our yearly service includes a 20+ point safety check and report so you know what is happening in the unseen areas of your van like suspension, brakes and chassis and those all-important tyres that we all forget about.

  • Get all your repairs, modifications and service in one place
  • Spare parts and accessories experts
  • 20+ point safety check and report

Why Choose Perth North Caravan Repairs?


We are factory assigned warranty agents for Conqueror Caravans, Trackmaster Caravans and Pioneer Campers and can also arrange warranty repairs for all other brands of caravan or camper.

Warranty issues are easily dealt with because we take the hassle out of the situation for you.

Bring us your list of issues and we will quote, arrange parts, do the work and bill the manufacturer.

Perth North Caravan Repairs can handle your insurance repair from any insurer.  From quote through to the finished repair we handle the entire job for you with minimal drama and stress.

Book in for a quote, let us know your repairer name and claim number and we will organise the rest.

  • Fast, hassle-free warranty repairs
  • Highest quality, stress free insurance repairs
  • We deal with the insurer or manufacturer for you


We perform all general repairs,  insurance claim work, modifications, warranty work and servicing of all types of caravan, camper trailer, work trailer, boat trailer or horse float.





How often should you service a caravan or camper?

If caravan owners are traveling, then the service interval is every 10,000kms.  However, if you only do shorter trips, then it’s just once a year – so choose your service interval based on how much you travel.

The purpose of investing in high-quality maintenance like this is to ensure a professional assesses all areas of your vehicle. This allows you to prevent damage and issues further down the track, so sticking to these timeframes will help you avoid any problems in the future.

If you’re not sure whether you need camper trailer repairs from our Wangara team in Perth, get in touch for reliable advice on getting started.

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    We provide camper trailer repairs and caravan maintenance solutions for a wide variety of vehicles. See our experts for assistance with your specific make and model.

    Note: A lot of ‘experts’ claim to be a one-stop-shop for caravan repairs in Perth and Wangara.  Unlike most of our competitors, we truly are!  Here’s why:



    We service and repair all types of caravans, campers and trailers – Here’s just a small taste of what we can do for you:

    Our friendly team have an exceptional amount of knowledge regarding all types of caravan and trailer work. We are available for an over-the-phone diagnosis and advice on the issues you are experiencing.  

    Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to helping you to build and maintain your dream van.

    Come and talk to us today and see why we are Your Northern Suburbs Caravan & Trailer Experts.

    George & Teresa.