The go-to for trailer repairs in Wangara, in Perth's North

Just like any other kind of vehicle, your trailer needs to be carefully maintained in order to stay at peak performance.

It’s only natural that general wear and tear takes place as you continue to use your vehicle. To ensure safety standards are maintained and performance is optimised, we recommend having your trailer repaired regularly.

How our trailer repair experts in Wangara and Perth's North can help

Across the region, we provide a number of services to get campers, trailers and caravans back on the road. Best of all, we do this through our rigorous safety processes and techniques, ensuring attention to detail is maintained throughout.


Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your professional team:

  • More than 10 years’ experience building, maintaining and repairing trailers and caravans.
  • Family-owned and operated in WA.
  • Highest quality support and stress-free insurance work.
  • We can deal with any manufacturer or insurer for you.
  • An all-encompassing servicing option in one central location.
  • We can also assist with boat, garden and industrial trailers.

If in doubt, call an expert

If you’re not comfortable assessing your vehicle for faults or issues, we always recommend getting in touch with our team to make sure any potential hazards are handled correctly. This will also ensure you’re able to effectively avoid costly issues later down the track.

Get in touch with our experts now by calling (08) 9302 2318.


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    *Not available for insurance or warranty repairs.


    We service and repair all types of trailers – Here’s just a small taste of what we can do for you: